Harness the power of the sun, CLEAN, FREE energy for everyone

Residential or commercial the sun does not discriminate and Solar Ready can design, build and Install a quality solar system to meet your needs.

Types of Solar Systems

Grid tied

This is where you have the benefit of using both the solar generated from your solar panels as well as having the certainty of being connected to the grid for when your power usage exceeds that of your solar generation.

Self consumption during day light hours is your goal, use as much power as you can during the day while drawing from the grid at night. 

Cheap night time power plans can help even further to reduce bills so shop around or ask us.

These systems are perfect for day time commercial operations as well as residential situations where people are home during the day or timers can be set up.

Any excess solar that is generated during the day that is not self consumed is then sold back to your energy retailer which you will see as a rebate on your next bill.

We have tricks and tips to help you get the most out of the self consumption system.

Cost $$  this is the most cost effective solutions as a result of having no night time storage

Safe Free Energy

Residentials Solustions

Grid power when needed

Battery or Hybrid systems

Grid tied hybrid system

These systems preform the same as a grid tied system but with additional benefits

Excess solar

When there is excess solar being generated the inverter will first divert this power to charge your batteries before sending it back to the grid. This means that when the sun goes down, depending on the battery size, you can still take full advantage of free power well into the night from your batteries.

Back-up circuit

Because you now have batteries, power outages can be a thing of the past. A back-up circuit can be set up from your inverter to allow things like light, internet and fridge circuits to continue to operate during a planned or unplanned outage

Mains cable capacity

Where power demand exceeds that of the mains cable capability, a hybrid system can be installed to not only supplement the extra demand but also reduce the total demand on your line. Great for rural or commercial situations where heavy power hungry machinery is needed but the mains cable is under spec’d for the job and far to costly to upgrade.

Who would use this system?

These systems are very popular with the rural communities where power outages are common and also where power demand exceeds that of what the mains are capable of.

Off grid

Off grid solar


Off grid

Off grid, unlike a grid tied system , means you have full independence from any power retailer, you are in control or all you power costs.


Battery storage

Given there are no ties to the power network, you will require a large amount of energy storage. This significantly increases your solar installation costs


Power bill

The positive to this is that you will never see another power bill.


Cost $$$$$$

Highest cost system - this is due to the increased requirement for battery storage


Hawke’s Bay Regional Counci

Solar Ready is Hawke’s Bay Regional Council approved, this means our customers have access to their sustainable homes program, meaning they maybe able to borrow up to $20,000 that can be paid off at a fixed rate and added to your regional council rates over 10 years. As per any finance options, terms & conditional do apply

ANZ offers

ANZ offers up to $80,000 for solar at a rate of 1% over 3 years with their ANZ Good Energy Loan